Ira Green – Sito ufficiale (Official website)



Has nobody ever seen you cry?
I never asked
When I’ll ask you that I think then you will deny, but it’s ok
I see your sweet black eyes and I fall down
How can I talk to you about thoughts that I hide with music
People can tell me you’re a fool, but I’m not scared
I know you give the best of you in all that you do.

This song is written from my head, speaks about ya
And of all the things that I think, but I don’t know ya
I hope we can talk more one of these days
They’re simple and honest words that I
Wrote, it’s something that stops me so
Maybe I’m only crazy, what shall I do right now? Only stay in hush

This world can be so cruel
Just one word to steal your mind
When someone hopes you die
I’ll save with a smile

Low light from your eyes
Sign that you are wise

But sometimes you are so closed
Maybe you try to dose
Your essence seems my own
I think no one can be like you