Ira Green – Sito ufficiale (Official website)

I am your hero


Sweating all my body
High power filling my thoughts
Of dreams of victory
Running faster
Me like a horse

Can’t you see the fire
Running through all my veins
My eyes focused on the field
What is my blame?

Living the life
Like it’s the one last chance
Believing so hard
In something I don’t pretend

Mother don’t be worried
Because I’m not in hurry
I only found a reason
To keeping believe in me

I am your hero
Like a superhero
I am your man
Like super human

Healing all the wounds of the past
Not scared
The only thing I need to be
It’s prepared
Closing my eyes
Before I stand up from this chair

The crowd going crazy out there
I don’t wanna be nowhere
I’m happy here,
I feel safe with silence inside
And hope near

Hurt is just a word
And I’m ready to face it now
I’m going to win
And I’m going to show you how