Ira Green – Sito ufficiale (Official website)



Street, names, eyes are full of dust
Shames haning on the past dreams
Are you listening to me?

Fall into waterfall of mistakes
Calling for the sleep tales
I can’t see the end

Butcher of your own flesh
Days filled with agony, misery, a ton of hipocrisy

Sunlight burning bright upon us
Hiding from the seabreeze
Cause we can turn into sand

People, looking at me
As a cruel monster
Can you believe?
I’m the mother
of any child
Once they were lost
But now they are mine
I’m bringing to you a new kind of life
Where nobody needs
Or looking for fights
No need for any sadism
You just need peace
Back on the top of the time
Following kings
Swallowing lies
Feeding the bad
We had inside
Beating the good
Hiding to hide
I feel I can get you out of this cage
I bet can free you bleeding for rage

No need to ask, kid,
I’m not your enemy

I will open the gate of MALIA x 2

Beast shock world is falling down man!
Lands are changing colors
Do you feel so prepared?
Death is nothing but a way to
Reaching for a safe home
Where the silence will reign
Women covered with flowers
Caressing the kids now
The future in them
Eldery people don’t fear nothing
Just waiting for my breathe
To bring them the new life
I will protect you now
From every act
That they named sin

I’m here to prevent a new kind of war
Made with the minds
Stealing the souls
Spitting the venom
Diving the hearts
Showing a man
Can’t be that smart
That’s not a world to live in
Let’s go away, believe me

I will open the gate of MALIA x 2

En eirini kardià
En eirini to myalò